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You know that moment when the 1960s did Victorian? When yellowed photos of your parents' first house feel like looking through a portal while wearing vintage shades. When the memory of a trip abroad is imbued with that particular cast of the light - the glare of the sun bouncing off the water, the ubiquitous color of the earth, sunset in the garden. How flowers and leaves can remind you of a person at a certain place. The way a color and a pattern has a time and a location - a specificity, a nostalgia. The way a room can hold onto its past.

I like to look at what I do this way: like recreating a memory through tinted glasses, looking vintage in a contemporary way. I design for many applications, but wallpaper and textiles are a natural fit - they give a space a specificity that lives in memory. They alter the feeling of the light. They frame a home full of objects: your thrift scores, vintage travel posters, art deco lamp, mid-century settee and family of bedraggled houseplants will happily commingle there. I love creative problem solving, setting the scene, helping to evoke that thing, whatever it might be.

 As a prolific illustrator, I'm always playing with color, poring over and consuming imagery. What I draw is really all about the feels - that's what my illustration can do for you or your brand. With a BFA in Printmaking and experience designing for businesses of all kinds, I work with craftspeople, printers and manufacturers to create bold, unique materials that iconically represent you. 

All images © Kate Blairstone, 2018

For commissions, prints & design inquiries,  please email: kate@kateblairstone.com.