Instagram has driven much of my work over the past year, providing a space for consistent feedback and interaction (whereas this blog might have no eyes on it, ever). I thought I'd share one way I've found to break out of the square. 


It helps to see Instagram as a gallery, not just a feed, and to consider what new followers might see when they click over to your account. Images broken up in this way, via multiple postings of one square each, provide continuity across the grid. Above, I integrated a photo into the design, as if the vines are expanding out from their boundaries. 


This is an example where the larger, 3:1 format allows for greater detail and variation. I'd visited Schreiner's Iris Gardens in peak bloom, and wanted to capture the expansiveness of fields and fields of flowers. 

I'm excited to find new ways to exploit the format, and will be sharing them as I go!