Mediterranean Mashup Thing I'm Doing Right Now.

For a long time I worked in Illustrator pretty much exclusively. All my work began as opaque india ink in my sketchbook, transformed into vector as much as Illustrator is capable of doing so. I come from a background in screen printing, and bold flats of layered, digital color did for me what I lacked the space to realize in my home studio. But! I really started to miss texture. 

I think I must have mentioned I got myself a fancy new (GIANT) iPad Pro - it's completely changed my game. However... I'm still no Photoshop expert. One funny consequence of this: Adobe CC automatically imported all these weird little 5-swatch palettes I've been making with their Adobe Capture CC app - so I named them April, and I'm sticking with 'em, dammit, for at least four more days. Because at first they just showed up, so I made them my latest creative box. 

So: discerning viewers may notice a bit of repetition in my color choices of late. It's been super fun working within this constraint (although I totally cheated and added one green). I'm enjoying the personalities of these color combinations - the same batch sometimes looks loud or calm or adventurous or classic or tropical. 

As always I'm in love with studying flowers and plant shapes, and right now I'm totally obsessed with geometrics and how they interact with organic florals. I'm seeing this collection as an homage to my Mediterranean Garden, complete with fabulous tiles. And if we're getting really specific, there's a little Eastern European influence in there. Because I love their wacky color combos, and man, those folk textiles! The relationship between weaving and embroidery might be exactly what I'm after. 

I'm working on designing a restaurant space at my day job, and one of the most fun things I get to do is to collaborate with other creatives. Our lighting designer, for example, totally gets me when I'm going off on some crazy tangent about Art Deco coming back for a minute in the 70s. Or how Chinoiserie overlaps with Tiki. Or how Encaustic Tile shows up in Vietnam. I'm so into that shit. 

Next up: Irises, Peonies and Poppies. Because those are my favorite of all favorites. Stay tuned!