Ever Dreaming of Summer, Somewhere Else!

I bought myself an iPad Pro, and Man, that thing is magical. The UNDO command is magical. I love fiddling with my palette until I get it just right. This group of work started with a strange group of colors, but I had fun with where it went!

I've been dreaming of summer, and playing lots in my garden (READ: back breaking labor of carrying dirt to and fro). But! I'm so excited for for-real patio season. Portland fake-spring has been amazing so far - this week there are record-breaking warm spells forecasted in the PNW, and we're driving to Seattle for Emerald City Comicon! I don't read comics (despite my husband's best efforts), but I love talking to other artists about the work they love to do. 

Last year about this time we were planning for our honeymoon in Croatia. We got our tax return and it's burning a hole in my pocket. This year, Garden is my Vacation. And drawing, always drawing.