Our life's work as creators and entrepreneurs - if we're lucky - is about the pull of individuality and community, evoking nostalgia and making new connections: to suggest the meaning behind our efforts and communicate what we're about on a gut level. 

In fact, color and pattern are some of the most powerful communication tools available to us.

I like to look at what I do this way: like recreating a memory through tinted glasses. Color and pattern have the ability to lend a specificity that lives in memory. They alter the feeling of the light.


In working with clients, my goal is to ask & answer the following:

How do I fit in, stand out? What history and culture do I carry with me through this work? What landscape and time would I like to evoke, and how can I transport you there, immerse you in it? How does it feel when you close your eyes... is it memorable?

You know that moment when the 1960s did Victorian? When yellowed photos of your parents' first house feel like looking through a portal while wearing vintage shades. When the memory of a trip abroad is imbued with that particular cast of the light - the glare of the sun bouncing off the water, the ubiquitous color of the earth, sunset in the garden. How flowers and leaves can remind you of a person at a certain place. The way a color and a pattern has a time and a location - a specificity, a nostalgia. The way a room can hold onto its past.


I am a creative problem solver: setting the scene, helping to evoke that thing, whatever it might be. With experience designing for businesses of all kinds, I work with craftspeople, printers and manufacturers to create bold, unique materials that iconically represent you.



Photo: Qiana Rich @madefound
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