I have an urgent project and would love to work with you. How much time does it take?

My minimum engagement for client work is 3 months; I prioritize projects that allow upwards of 6 months. 

Custom Design Timeline Explained:

Our process together will include the following steps, adjusted based on project type and complexity: 

  • Proposal and Contract, including research and negotiation

  • Sketch / Mock-up Phase, including feedback and approval

  • Design Execution, where the bulk of my drawing and color happens

  • Feedback Rounds, revisions and approvals 

  • Strike-offs or Samples, including feedback and approvals

  • Printing & Shipping

The length of our contract is determined by these factors:

  • Research

  • Design

  • Feedback

  • Production

Working backwards: 

  • Production of custom wallpaper typically takes 3-4 weeks from strike-off to final product shipment. This can vary depending on the vendor and their location.

  • I prefer to give my clients ample time to be thoughtful and not rush through Feedback. This is especially important when projects involve multiple stakeholders. Two rounds of feedback is typical for my client projects, though sometimes we can agree to one, or as many as three rounds of revisions. I allow 5 business days for each round. 

  • Design: Clients need to allow upwards of 8 weeks for a single custom commission, not including feedback rounds. The timeline extends as designs grow in complexity, or with the commission of a series.

  • Research: To do justice to the work we'll do together, I often need to build a Research Phase into our timeline. Consider that I'll need to collect reference materials, choose the components of our design, and understand the relationships between them before building a beautiful piece that will fully serve our concept.

The work we do together will be wildly improved by our mutual investment of time as well as budget.

Can I adapt an existing piece of your work as custom wallpaper? How does it work?

Yes, unless the piece was created for a client, I may be able to adapt it for use as a wallpaper or mural in your home or business.


This type of use is called a License: typically a flat fee that gives you or your business permission to use the piece in the agreed upon manner. This fee is independent of square footage, as well as any customizations that need to happen to make the design work for your needs.  


The total fee for a custom project using existing work is based on these factors: 

  • Materials Cost (including shipping), priced per square foot based on quantity ordered. 

  • License

  • Design Fee: level of customization required.

Bespoke digital print technology allows us to produce small quantities of high-quality paper for custom projects. Unlike traditional wallpaper, pieces are produced by the wall, not by the roll. Each wallcovering is designed to order, printed to order, and scaled to fit your unique space.

I collaborate with printers to select the best substrate for each client, whether Type II vinyl suitable for commercial use, or non-woven paper for residential projects.

I specialize in creating unique pieces of art, using wallpaper as my chosen canvas. Because we are not manufacturing in mass quantity, please be aware that custom work does not compare to off-the-shelf product. The goal of our work together is to create something truly unique to your space, at the highest level of quality. ​

I would love some of your work in my home. Can I buy residential wallpaper? 


Yes! The debut collection, featuring my Tetrapanax and Artichoke papers, is available for purchase here


Kate Blairstone by Manolo Walls is a collection of maximalist wallcoverings inspired by plants as symbols for place, culture and season. The collaboration celebrates immersive retro color palettes, bold botanicals drawn from life, and a passion for affordable quality and great design. 


Designs come in several colorways and are sold by the roll. We are slowly adding to the collection, with plans to release new mini-collections each year.  

I love the wallpaper at The State Hotel. Can I have some for my home / business /  personal use?

No; my projects are custom made and licensed exclusively to each client. I'm proud to create work that is not only beautiful, but serves communities (and the brands who serve those communities) by exploring intersections of place and culture.


The good news is, when I create something for you or your business, the same exclusivity applies.


If you're looking for a bold statement that reflects your style, your values, your place in the world, and your community, let's build something together


To commission a custom piece, start here

I have an idea for a different kind of project... It's not wallpaper. Can we work on it together?

Yes! I have been privileged to apply my work to textiles, tile, packaging and editorial in addition to murals and wallpaper. There's so much more I want to do. 

I am actively seeking Collaborators who are working to explore connections to place and culture, through reflecting their communities and surrounding environment. My work seeks to amplify these values and in turn, the people they represent; the medium of wallpaper is just one vehicle for this work. 

Putting it out into the Universe:

  • Are you a local fashion brand who dreams of a house textile that reflects your unique community?

  • Are you a chef who wants your restaurant to feel like the food your grandma made?

  • Are you a non-profit looking for unexpected new ways to connect with your donors and the people you serve?

  • Are you a boutique hotel looking to delight your guests while connecting them to a larger, more nuanced sense of place?

  • Are you looking to understand how color and pattern can serve your values as a brand?

Please reach out, I'm excited to talk to you. 

Do you sell prints of your work?

Yes, select prints are available at JAILBREAK.


JAILBREAK's mission is to grow a platform for underrepresented emerging artists and Portlanders who want to maintain and grow the culture of our city.


I'm proud to support this art studio, gallery, resource center, and storefront that showcases new work created by local black and indigenous people of color, queer, and female emerging artists.

Please consider supporting other artists represented by JAILBREAK while you visit the site!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

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