Gado Gado

Custom Wallcovering & Portrait Commission

One of my favorite collaborations of 2019 was with husband and wife team Thomas and Mariah Pisha-Duffly for their first brick and mortar restaurant, Gado Gado.


Inspired by their travels in Southeast Asia as well as their diverse culinary backgrounds, Mariah and Tom commissioned artwork for the space that would tell the story of Tom's Chinese Indonesian heritage and ingredients they love. My challenge was to bring the incredible Peranakan palette to the space without verging into theme territory. 

The custom wallpaper features a "Peranakan tile" pattern incorporating prawns, crab and stink beans. The focal wall is overlayed with three vignettes referencing antique Peranakan porcelain. Each depicts tropical fruit and birds native to Indonesia: a Malabar Hornbill with Dragonfruit, Rose Crowned Fruit Dove with Mangosteen, Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot and Rice Paper Butterfly with Rambutan. 

I was honored to paint a large scale coordinating portrait of Tom's Oma, who inspired much of the chef's culinary career and now hangs proudly above the dining room. 

Please go try the custard pie; I think about it every damn day. 

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