Kitchen Table Magazine

Cover Illustration, Winter 2019

Kitchen Table Magazine is a new print and digital publication that connects adventurous souls, curious cooks, and enthusiastic eaters with talented writers, artists, cartoonists, and photographers who explore not only the how-to's of cooking, but the whys of eating. 

When Brett approached me about illustrating the cover for the first issue, we discovered that many years apart we had both worked at Portland's groundbreaking and influential Wildwood Restaurant.


For the inaugural 2019 Winter Cover, we were delighted at the idea of an image inspired by ingredients from some of Wildwood's iconic dishes, highlighting the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. 

"Kate Blairstone’s dreamy artwork is gorgeous enough to line the walls of a posh upscale hotel or the cover of any glossy magazine in equal measure. Bright colors and her engaging interests combine to make for spellbinding pop art. Plus, she’s an absolute pro to work with. I’m so thankful to have stumbled on her work."

Brett Warnock

Founder & Publisher, Kitchen Table Magazine

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